Chari Lake


Never a time to get bored with the awesome activities we have on offer, boat rides, kayaking, nature strolls and cycling are on offer. Enjoy these adventurous activities in your leisure time at your convenience.

Boat Riding

Enjoy a boat ride on the Koggala Lake. Situated in the backyard of Chari Lake the boats can be birthed right into the hotel. Rides are maneuvered by experienced boatmen to ensure your safety at all times.


Take a kayak and roam the Koggala lake, enjoy the magnificent awe-inspiring sights of the lake at your own convenience.

Nature Strolls

Feel your lungs inflate with the fresh air whilst listening to the harmonious sound of the birds as you enjoy the serenity of the lake.


Cycle through the lush greenery and foliage using safe equipment.


Fishing at Chari Lake is a pleasure like no other, get hooked on and try out your skills at this activity of entertainment, which is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Sri Lanka is progressing fast as a destination for weddings. Chari Lake offers you the best destination, services, and amenities to plan this very special moment of your life. Spacious open areas and scenic beauty assures you of a memorable day.


An ideal getaway Chari lake offers an isolated experience like no other. Lose yourself in the privacy of this vast area of land that is scenic and secluded. Our specially designed tree hideouts will make you one with nature.